We gave Lisa and Kurt a special tour of all the cold and muddy places in Ireland. When Lisa queried me on appropriate attire to bring, I gave her my stock answer–Bring layers. You never know when a warmish sun will succumb to melted iceberg. Luckily they took my suggestion extremely seriously and brought long johns and ear muffs, because our scenic trip through the Wicklow Mountains exposed us to some bitterly cold winds, and the coastal town of Carlingford was windswept as well. In addition to being cold, the Wicklow Mountains were muddy, as was the beach at Clogherhead.

The tide was out farther than we visited Clogherhead last Spring, so we could explore more of the rock formations.

Luckily we did get out of the wind from time to time to seek refreshment. And Bill did feed us a bit. You can read an account of our breakfast at Lisa is Cooking.

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