November 21, 2008 was the day of Lisa’s first breath ever of Irish air, although Kurt had visited the Emerald Isle once as a boy. Now, we hail from the great state of Texas, mind you, so we were taken aback by the smallness of everything we saw. The cars were all tiny, little things. We didn’t spy a single pick-up our entire time there. How can that be? And, the streets were so skinny. Those narrow lanes would spell trouble for a couple F-350′s facing off and driving the wrong way to boot. That backwards, left lane driving was as foreign as can be. We just had to shut our eyes.

It wasn’t just the cars and roads that are smaller either. Those elfin kitchens they have over there might be fine for a rumpus room, but you sure can’t put your Costco haul away in those. The elevators were awfully snug too. And, how about those drink sizes? Do they know how large a drink we usually get at restaurants back home?

Well, we realized that us Texans are just used to things being bigger, and then it dawned on us–all this small stuff had to be because of the leprechauns. Of course! We didn’t spot a single one of them while we were there, but their influence sure was felt everywhere we went.

Blip bleep blick beerp woooop Wait, we’re not quite that Texan. Here’s what really happened:

We had a fantastic time in Dublin and surrounding areas. Many thanks to Bill and Sharon for such generous hospitality and great site seeing tours. Our day at Glendalough, starting with a delicious picnic, was filled with amazing views and a nice walk around the lakes. Our next day included a very nice drive north along the coast road to Carlingford with a stop in scenic Clogherhead. Delicious meals were devoured each day including fish and chips, the picnic mentioned above, a lovely dinner in Howth, an amazing Irish breakfast by Bill, and a pub meal in Carlingford. We had a really great time, and we can highly recommend Chez Gunter for any Ireland-bound, future travelers.

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