We were glad the cottage we rented while in Austin was near Fiesta Mart. We always liked shopping at this great Mexican grocery store, but our visits were infrequent as it was out of our typical Austin orbit.

Join us for a short visit, brought to you by the magic of extremely amateur video and editing skills.

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2 Responses to Fiesta Mart

  1. mom Gunter says:

    They keep telling me incorrect password. I redid it about a dozen times!!!!!!!!! WOW!!! THAT IS A LOTTA PEPPERS!!!!!

  2. KevinB says:

    I haven't ever been to Fiesta Mart. I thought is was awesome that the band was playing during your visit. Were they there just for the Gunters? I don't remember HEB having a Mariachi band. Very cool video. I think that you guys have a future in documentaries. Ever thought about the Cann film festival? My mouth is salivating due to the peppers.

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