I hit the six-month mark in my job this week. I’ve now completed my probationary period, which doesn’t mean much except that European labor laws make it pretty hard for me to get fired. That’s what I’m hoping at least.

I’ve found the office environment and working dynamics in Dublin to be quite similar to jobs back home. Folks here drink much more tea, and the cleaning staff come around periodically during the day to collect mugs and other glassware, but other than that people still send around goofy emails, discuss the worlds of sports and entertainment, and look forward to Fridays.

You can see a picture of me taken today at my desk. Yes, that is today, even though it looks like I’m using a monitor from 1999. I expected to loathe the open plan office, but turns out it’s no bother. I’m in a bay with other BAs at the moment, but will be co-locating with my project team soon. While I started out masquerading as a QA tester, I’m now working on requirements for a new project (I’ll be tester girl again soon enough). All in all, a good gig.

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