We’ve been looking forward to this all week: a day rambling in and around St. Stephen’s Green. After a lazy rashers-and-eggs morning we set out around one. We decided to be fully European and not drive to our usual parking lot by the DART station but walk instead. We walked the path from Pearse station that Sharon normally takes to work and stopped at her regular Spar for Cornettos. We’d never had one before and they are very moreish. We decided, sadly, that they are even better than a Drumstick. Really, you have to try one.

We walked through the Green on our way to the next destination, Camden Street. Sharon wanted to explore this street and its shops and restaurants more closely (it’s near her office). We shopped in a cool international market and stopped for bread and hummus in a Persian restaurant. We then wandered down to a couple Indian markets Sharon frequents and also explored a neat paper shop.

In need of a rest and pastoral environs we walked back to the Green, found a sunny spot and lay in the grass. This is what every good Dubliner does on sunny days. We also munched on some cheese, crackers and strawberries we had picked up on Camden St. We spent about an hour there and left only because we wanted to get to Avoca before the closed to buy some scones. Honestly, we didn’t want to leave it was so relaxing. We were glad we did, though, because the scones from Avoca are our favorite and the ones we bought are particularly good. We split one on the way to a bookstore on Dawson St. Sharon wanted to introduce me to. Unfortunately it closes earlier on Saturdays and we didn’t make it in time. We did explore another bookstore a bit and looked at the tequila selection in the Celtic Whiskey Shop.

For dinner we went to Wagamama for very tasty gyoza, edamame and noodles. On our way back to Pearse station we stopped again at the Cornetto shop (Spar). Yes, it was a two Cornetto day, and a two Cornetto day is a really, really good day.

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