Hello All,
It is that time again, time for your favorite beagle to let you know how things are going here in Indiana. I remember Mom and Dad telling me that I should expect a change in the weather, but I never dreamed I would see so much snow or that it would be sooo cold. I will get to that in a minute.
First, I thought I would show a couple pictures of where I lounge here at the house. I have my fleece where I spend most of the day. I also spend time on the love seat, with my face hanging off of the seat. I get visits from Buzz (Buttercup) and Trevor. I enjoy it.

Trevor likes to take the remotes and move them all around the room. When I am not asleep, I watch him for fun.

Well, back to the weather. It didn’t snow on Christmas, but we got about 6 inches a little after that. We also had an ice storm in early Dec, the next week we had 11 inches of snow. I have gotten tougher and can handle being out in the cold for a longer walk, but sometimes I just go outside, get my business done, and come back into the warmth. Here I am on one of my walks in the 6 inch snow. :)

And last but not least, we had a good Christmas. I watched as everyone opened presents and laughed and had fun, and then I got a couple presents. My first present was a large bone. It was softer with some yummy stuff in the middle. I devoured it. I think someone else was interested in what I got. :)

But my favorite present of all was an outfit. An outfit of my new FAVORITE college!!! Purdue University. I got a football jersey, number 00 that fit me to a T. I wore it all around the house and even posed for a few pictures with it on. I know that some out there are going to be a little surprised, maybe even upset to see that I have picked Purdue, but I live in Big 10 country and I now bleed black and gold! Go Boilers! Don’t I look good in black? :)
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