I was surprised to see Dr. Pepper on the shelves of a newsstand where I picked up lunch one day. I brought a bottle back to the office and chilled it for a while (most stores sell beverages on the warm side, IMHO) and enjoyed the refreshing taste of Texas. Since high-fructose corn syrup is not common here, this Dr. Pepper was sweetened with sugar, like the small glass bottles from Dublin, TX. My work buddy had never tried DP so I shared a bit with him. If his reaction is indicative of the population at large, I’m afraid Dr. Pepper won’t be on the shelves here for long. He asked me what flavor it was; I didn’t mention the rumors that Dr. Pepper is prune-flavored. I knew Bill would be excited for a sip of the pepper, and indeed he was. We were quite amused by the slogan on the bottle, “What’s the worst that could happen?” It seems a far cry from “Be a Pepper!” I think the worst that can happen is that Dr. Pepper becomes more popular than Lucozade, or is that a good thing?

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