Will take this out for a St. Patrick’s day spin. Or as a guy a work told me, do a ton on the dualer. (Do a 100 miles, or 100 mph?, on the dual carriage way.)

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4 Responses to POTD: new ride

  1. Your Mazda is beautiful. Jen’s Mazda is crimson tide red. She loves hers. :)

  2. Dad Lamb says:

    Nice! I hope Celia and I help you put miles on this.

  3. Laurie George says:

    For clarification a ‘ton’ is 100mph. It was certainly a term used as far back as the 70′s when not so many cars would have been able to reach that speed, regardless of the legality.

    As for ‘dualer’, that sounds typically Dublin-esque. It brings to mind ‘scratcher’. Have you heard this being used? Typical usage might be “Couldn’t get meself outta the scratcher this morning”. :)

    • Sharon says:

      Yeah, my investigations have told me it’s a bit of an “old phrase.”

      No, haven’t heard scratcher. Have heard people referred to as mentler (mental-er I guess). And a car referred to as a minter (in mint condition).

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