To combat the Winter/Software Testing doldrums, I am implementing a Week of Something Awesome.

Something Awesome Day 1: Lunch in Lugo

Last June in Lugo, Spain, Bill and I happened upon a festival celebrating the Roman history of this Galician city which has the only fully intact Roman walls in the world, forming a circle over a mile (2117 m) in circumference around old town. After a snack of empanada (the Galician variety which is baked like a large pie) we found a huge grill covered in ribs. We snagged a table and obtained the following items.

  • A bottle of white wine with shallow pottery bowls to drink it from
  • Ribs
  • pulpo a feira–boiled octopus sprinkled with Pimentón (paprika) and olive oil, a traditional Galician dish
  • Padrón peppers–another Galician specialty, these green peppers are fried and sprinkled with salt

The Padrón peppers popped into my mind tonight as I was pondering Awesome. We loved the simple preparation that highlights the earthy combination of mild spice and salt. We ordered them at every opportunity on our trip. I didn’t like Galician octopus as much as I did Barcelonian Squid, although I would eat it again if given the opportunity. The ribs were as close to BBQ as we’ve found this side of the Atlantic. Gnawing on bones,  quaffing wine, surrounded by folks in Roman garb of togas, animal skins, and gladiator armor, we were having a feast indeed.

I’ve decided that having a bottle of wine at lunch is one of my favorite markers that we are truly on holiday.

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  1. What a wonderful surprise. I check your blog every day and was thrilled to see this new entry. I loved every word and picture. :)

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