This morning Bill and I took a trip to the American Embassy to get our house sale papers signed. Yes, by tomorrow our house sale should be complete! We are so thankful to God for blessing us with this quick house sale. A huge relief!

I was expecting the embassy to be like the oak-linked offices of a distinguished law firm where we would repose on leather couches eating coke floats and popcorn while a gum-smacking young lady in a smart, navy suit would push lighted buttons on a large phone on a gleaming desk, and slivers of bandstand music mixed with baseball play-by-play would float through the room when the large door behind the desk was opened to admit the next esteemed citizen.

In reality, the part of the embassy we experienced was basically a transported DMV with extra security. But, we got what we needed and the papers are flying to the states for the buyer to sign tomorrow.

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