We’ve hit freezing here in Dublin, but I’m warm indoors reminiscing about our trip to Austin last April.

Take a look (and listen).

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3 Responses to Bluebonnet Spring

  1. Dad Lamb says:

    That trip was in fact 1976. We sang “I Love America” in the Rotunda of the Texas State Capitol Bldg. I was Johnny Bull, in my bright red coat. We later sang that in the Women’s Prison in Huntsville, Texas. They didn’t join in the singing about being free in America.

    You know, you never know what memories are being created by your children as you go through life. I am glad we helped Sharon have a vivid memory of her childhood.

    I did plant and grow some bluebonnets in my flower bed in the Clear Lake (Houston) home but they didn’t propagate.

  2. I love this and I remember so well my trips to Austin in late April and early May. Remember the bluebonnets, strawberries, Tob and my kids. I love you and Austin is one of my favorite places to be with you.

  3. lisa says:

    Pretty bluebonnets! But, Nanci and I are coming after you for the use of the song and photo. just kidding. I’m honored it was included.

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