Our fourth and final Chateau was Amboise. The cool thing about this castle was that the city of Amboise was built all around it. This castle was the principal settlement of the Celtic Turones tribe, which is where Touraine gets its name. (Just tying together the French and the Irish).

To get to the chateau, we parked along the main street. Before parking we met a new sign, the flashing X on a warning sign. This means that you give right away to people turning left from the side street. This was quite confusing. From the street we walked up a long ramp and a bunch of stairs. It opened up to a big green area overlooking the city on one side, and the river Loire on the other. It was a beautiful view.
There is quite a history to this Chateau. Leonardo da Vinci was buried at this site. Also, we were shocked to see that only one-fifth of the “palace” constructed by Charles VIII was still standing. (See the shock on Sharon’s face as she looks at the drawing of the full castle.) For more history on the chateau, please see the website: http://www.chateau-amboise.com/anglais/index.php
After our tour of the castle, we were hungry. Since we had eaten 3-5 course meals the past two nights, we wanted something simple. Pizza? That is correct. We had the best pizza that night in Amboise. Each of us had our own pizza with our own pizza knife. Delicious! Thanks Amboise!

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