Our first morning in France (Monday), we took a taxi into Tours to pick up our car. After some searching and an enquiry at the Office de Tourisme, we discovered that Europcar is nowhere near their purported location. (They purport to be near the Office de Tourisme, and we were not the first to so enquire.) Following the instructions from the helpful lady de tourisme, we took a bus to a small train station and found the car office, just as it was closing for lunch. In case you were wondering, Andrea can say, “If we hadn’t been led astray by your faulty directions, we would have been here before noon” in French. It had little effect on the madmoiselle with only one hour for lunch.

C’est la vie! Let’s eat lunch! Conveniently, there was a cafe next to the Europcar. By the time we finished lunching on a variety of lunch items, including lots of frites, the office was open and we procured our Renault Clio. With Bill at the wheel and Andrea navigating, we headed West for Villandry.

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