A busy week here in Dublin. Monday and Tuesday night we had church stuff that kept us out until at least 11:00. Wednesday we went out to celebrate the nuptials of a work mate of Bill’s. Thursday we saw the man with the golden flute. Last night we had a nice evening in the apartment; Bill made dinner and blogged about it. Today we are chillaxin, as the kids say. (Bill says it sounds like a drug, fast actin’ chillaxin.)

Here are some highlights from our recent flurry of activity:

  • Bill and I have been meeting at the pub for dinner on Tuesdays before small group. This week as I came in, the barkeep brought me two menus and said, “Bring you your Bulmers?” She knows my drink! “Yes,” I said. “And what about him? Bring his now or is he on his way?” Awesome. We have a local.
  • The wedding get-together was at a restaurant & bar called Market Bar. The wedding party was to arrive at 8:00 so Bill and I met early to have dinner. We ordered a bread basket, meat, olive and cheese plate, salmon with lime creme fraiche and pickled cucumber, chorizo and chicken skewers, and patatas bravas. Delicious! We love having loads of bits and bobs to choose from. It was one of our favorite meals in Dublin, and the place had a kind of Austin vibe. The newlyweds showed up about 9. We had a pint and met some of their friends. One guy was ready with a question, “Can you cross the United States driving only through states that start with a vowel?”
  • Thursday night Bill and I saw James Galway in concert with his wife, Lady Jeanne, and the Ulster orchestra. That guy can toot! The program included classical pieces (Mozart’s Flute Concerto in D and Bizet‘s L’arlesienne: Suite No.2), some classical/trad fusion pieces (Badinereelerie and Loch Mozart, with some tin whistle thrown in) and a Mancini set with the Pink Panther and Baby Elephant Walk. Galway is quite cute and funny and truly seems to be having a great time. We had a great time too.
  • Before the concert we had dinner at Wagamama, a quick-paced Asian eatery. We both had tasty noodle dishes with edamame, and got to eat with chopsticks! We’ll be back.
  • Heard this snippet of conversation while walking through the park to meet Bill on Thursday: “What were those birds in Waco?” “Grackles.” Yes, evil, evil grackles.

Meat and cheese plate at Market Bar

Miso ramen and edamame at Wagamama

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