Today I proved to myself and the Irish government that 24 years of driving has taught me a few things. 37 out of 40 things to be precise. I wanted to ace it, but passing really is good enough. The next step is to apply for my learner’s permit. Yup, no special dispensation for licensed Americans. If we’d moved to France instead we could’ve traded in our Texas licenses for French ones (Texas has a treaty with France concerning this). In Ireland I have to go through the entire process. So, with my DTT certificate plus a medical report, a vision report, an application form, my passport and the requisite fee I can get a learner’s permit. After six months as a “learner” I can sit for the actual driving test. I should be pretty well prepared by then, but I’ve heard that the testers can be very picky.

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3 Responses to Driver Theory Test

  1. No problem! You are a great driver son!!!!!

  2. eileen says:

    so glad to see another post to this blog…good luck with your driver’s license…before you know it, you’ll have it all done! Amazing how lax the USA is with regard to driving licenses…

    • Bill says:

      Thanks, Eileen! We’ve been exceptionally busy lately so the blog has taken a backseat. Hopefully things will slow down soon and we can get back to it.

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