Sharon’s burning it in preparation for our US tour.

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6 Responses to POTD: Midnight Oil

  1. mom Gunter says:

    This is a darling picture! Sharon you look good in green even if you aren't wearing it! This is a beautiful picture of you.

  2. Charles says:

    Maybe you can sleep on the plane, but that will be daytime. Just be fresh by the time you get to Arkansas.

  3. mom Gunter says:

    I was thinking they could sleep while in Arkansas and be fresh by the time they got to Huntsville! :)

  4. BillG says:

    We will have been in the US for two weeks before getting to either AR or AL, so I think we'll be well recovered.

  5. mom Gunter says:

    We are teasing Pill Bunter :)

  6. BillG says:

    Really? I couldn't tell.

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