Chocolate eggs are as ubiquitous in Ireland at Easter as mince pies are at Christmas. Sharon and I both received Easter eggs today at work. I’m very happy about mine.

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5 Responses to POTD: Easter Eggs

  1. mom Gunter says:

    Oh! That is so cute!! What kind of egg is it? I just returned from AWANA where we had an Easter egg hunt with our little cubbies! They are 3-5 year olds! They weren't any cuter than my baby with his egg though!!!! :)

  2. mom Gunter says:

    I read the label and I guess it is a solid milk chocolate egg. How much does it weigh?

  3. BillG says:

    The eggs are usually hollow and filled with other candies. This one has chocolate truffle eggs inside.

  4. mom Gunter says:

    That is the "sweetest" thing to do.

  5. KevinB says:

    Whoa! When I first saw the egg, I thought that it was a huge hunk of chocolate. Now that I know that it is full of truffles, it is even better! I think that the US should grab on to this tradition of large eggs. Sorry Chocolate Bunnies.

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