We spent a few cold but sunny days in London the first week of 2010. We were supposed to fly out Jan 1, but our flight was canceled because of wintry conditions, so we rescheduled for Saturday.

We checked into our hotel around 2:30, and I asked the fella at the desk if he could suggest a good place to grab a late lunch. “Well, if you walk back up the street toward the Tube, you will probably find something.” That is the helpful sort of information I was looking for. Definitely the kind I can’t make up myself. Luckily this was our third visit to London, making us London experts (although we have yet to visit the Tower of London or ride The Eye). Anglo-awesome, you might say.* So we happened to know that there is a Whole Foods in nearby Kensington and that at a minimum we could buy some Greek yogurt with honey and eat it on the sidewalk (which is what happened last time), so we blatantly walked the total opposite direction from the tube and made our way to the pretty pretty grocery store.

Happily the Whole Foods cafe was open. I lingered at the mid-eastern food counter for a while, but then Bill reported back with a burrito sighting. Real burritos! Or meat wraps as we were forced to call them, as the menu listed the food choices like this:

Veggie wrap
Meat wrap

I’ll have a pork, erm, meat wrap, please. With everything. Yes, Jalapenos. Yes, Guacamole. Yes, Sour Cream. Yes, what you are making there is a burrito. Those other things, while tasty, are not burritos.

We really enjoyed our burritos.

Then we wandered around in slack-jawed wonder for a while and bought some olives and cheese and Dr. Karg** crackers to snack on later after we saw an incredible performance of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof starring James Earl Jones.

*I said might.
**Dr. Karg crackers are exactly like Dr. Kracker crackers. So, as we scarfed them down, we accused Dr. Karg of Dr. Kracker impostery! Turns out, Dr. Karg crackers are the inspiration for Dr. Kracker crackers. Sorry for the aspersions, Dr. Karg.

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