We spent Sunday morning (Feb 15) at an excellent food market. We bought some Roquefort and Gruyere cheeses and found several things to nibble on. Bill stocked up on cans of various duck parts and some amazing salt. We had brunch for lunch at a place in the Le Marais and then we strolled around the Île de la Cité and Île Saint-Louis. We ate some pastries by the Seine. Everyone else was eating ice cream, and you’re supposed to eat ice cream, but it was a little cold for ice cream.

We stopped back by Notre Dame during Vespers and enjoyed some lovely vocals and the booming pipe organ. We quenched our craving for steak frites. The next morning we walked around a bit, visiting the Arc and the Champs Elysee once more. Around noon we hopped on the subway for our ride to Charles De Gaulle. Au Revoir Paris. Til we see you again.

Foreground: Bill; Background: Notre Dame

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