Sunny skies, an American Flag, a row of pickups, and a Whataburger sign–yeah, we definitely were not in Ireland!

Since the car rental desk was closed when we arrived (at 3:30AM), we had to do something we’ve never done before–take a taxi to Walmart (to visit the car rental office inside).

We had gorgeous weather for our visit to Austin. We saw 80°F for the first time in 2008. By the end of the week it was sleeting, but that’s just Texas. I was so happy to be back in an automobile, automobiling myself through the wide streets to wonderful restaurants and all my favorite shops. I ♥ Target and ♥♥♥ Central Market. And it was great to see so many friends–very refreshing to our souls! You were all so kind to accompany us to so many fine eating establishments, and to hang out at the Hannum’s and the coffee shop.

We left with our suitcases crammed full of many goods, including ranch dressing, canned pumpkin, canned chiles and jalapenos, salsa, grits, masa, chocolate chips, unsweetened chocolate, cajeta, corn husks, english muffins, Hot Apple Pie Jam, pecans, Better than Bouillon, and Press’n Seal. We also significantly revamped our wardrobes from the shoes and socks on up.

It was a treat to have this trip to to visit Indiana and Austin. It felt great to be home, but we’re looking forward to the next year in Dublin as well. But we do miss home, especially Central Market.

Some things on the list for next time:

  • BBQ in the Hill Country
  • a burger at Dan’s
  • gelato at Teo
  • Kim Phung
  • a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse

Til then! Good-bye, friendly State.

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