Unlike my normally fair-minded self, I made a snap judgment about mushy peas. The words “mush” and “peas” and “don’t use garlic” created in my mind’s palate a bland green paste with a metallic canned-peas aftertaste. At best, lumpy babyfood. Even after I read that mushy peas somewhat resemble pea soup (which I quite enjoy), I was still, in my heart, anti mushy pea. Learning that they were made from marrowfat peas did not help. Mmm, marrow and fat! But, since I consider life a culinary adventure, I knew I would at least have to try the slimy boogers.

I took the plunge recently, and I have to tell you: I like mushy peas. They do have that earthy split pea flavor, and they are green green green! Pictured right is a fish and chips plate I had in Carlingford, and my first dish of mushy peas. What a beautiful moment.

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