A few comments before we close out our thoughts of Carlingford and move on to more exciting adventures, like Peggy’s visit!

We were so lucky to have an absolutely fabulous day on Sunday. Carlingford is a small town, very easily traversable. Our hotel was centrally located, with a lovely view (pictured left) out the front door.

Carlingford was neglected during the industrial years, and therefore contains some of the best medieval ruins in Ireland. Its location is splendid as well, nestled between the Carlingford Lough (water) and Slieve Foy (mountain). Slieve Foy is a mountain in the mode of Oak Mountain in Birmingham, but hey, people love their elevations. At any rate, anywhere you turn in Carlingford is lovely.

My favorite ruin is the nave and chancel of a Dominican friary founded in the 14th century. Other ruins in Carlingford include a gate tower, or Tholsel (the remaining part of a city wall and customs barrier), several public buildings from the 14th and 15th centuries, and an early 13th century Norman fortress. The fortress castle possesses a prime point in Carlingford, strategically guarding the lough, when the sentries weren’t distracted by this stunning panorama.

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