1) Today I met a friend for lunch in Malahide, a town about 15 minutes up the coast via DART. Malahide has a nice town centre with many restaurants and shops. I had a tasty shepherd’s pie at Cafe Provence. French shepherd’s pie? Le pâté en croûte du berger! Perhaps the French influence was using wine in the mince, which provided a nice flavor dimension. It was cold today, cloudy in the low 40s. Perfect for piping hot pie. My friend’s pasta carbonara was scrumptious, based on my one bite.

2) One year Bill made oxtail soup for Valentine’s Day. This year, MIGAS! This tex-mex concoction of scrambled eggs, onion, tortilla chips, and garlic tasted great with some salsa from our Austin pack. (Again, thank you Helen and Lisa!)

3) To close out this chilly day, we used the hot chocolate stirrers we bought in Brussels. A chunk of Belgian chocolate melted in milk. Good stuff!

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