We’re taking off for Cork in a bit. Need to catch the 7:47 DART to make the 9:00 Inter-City to Cork. Bill is going to drive us to the station and then bring the car back to the apartment and hoof it back to meet us.

Mom and Dad and I made it to Malahide Castle yesterday. Quite nice, and interesting as it was used as a residence until the 70s. It’s handy too, just a few stops North on the DART. Thursday was a rest day (Bill and I made our trek to the Embassy). That evening we dined on the early bird dinner at Ruen Thai.

Wednesday the ‘rents and I went to…Kilkenny!!! We are apparently obsessed with this town. It is a good day trip from Dublin, and I knew it was easily traversable by foot. I’ll post some pics later.

I did not get either job I interviewed for, but I am undaunted! I will analyze requirements in Dublin! Or should I say, analyse.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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