Why on earth would our bathrooms not have electrical outlets in them, while the hallway has two? Our fully-furnished apartment even came with a hair dryer in the bathroom, but there’s no place to plug it in! Our American minds can’t comprehend this.

Anyway, did I say we have an apartment? A strange non-electrical bathroom, no room for food in the kitchen but very attractive-with-lots-of-windows Euro apartment. Oh, and with apparently free internet access, too. We were worried when NTL (the local cable company) said they don’t provide internet service to our complex, but I spied a DSL modem in the living room with Irish Broadband stickers on it and plugged it in. Voila, Internet! Woo hoo! Strange neither the apartment ad nor the property managers mentioned it. At this point we’re not asking questions. The internet was down in the hotel the past few days and we were about to get the DTs.

Our Euro apartment does have two Euro bedrooms and two non-electrical Euro bathrooms, and we’re happy to have Euro accommodations for guests (Yank and Euro).

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