We finally made it home from our bank holiday weekend at 7:00pm today. This makes the second bank holiday weekend where we’ve run into difficulties (strangely enough the very same bank holiday weekend in consecutive years), but at least this time we got to have some fun. The first time we drove around the Boyne Valley in County Meath for hours trying to find Newgrange. When we finally found it the tours had ended for the day. We were mighty sad that day. Mighty sad.

This time at least we made to our destination in time to do something. The car is still there, in fact. The repairs couldn’t be completed today, so we took the train back to Dublin (and the LUAS and the DART and our feet to our home). I’ll hopefully return to Kilkenny via train either Friday or Saturday to retrieve the car.

In addition to attending the Conker Championship we toured Kilkenny Castle and strolled around its vast yard. There are numerous ruins and other interesting sites in County Kilkenny, but of course we couldn’t make it to any of them without our vehicle. We intend to revisit Kilkenny.

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