According to reports, Toblerone is faring well in Indiana. New Mommy (Andrea) and New Daddy (Kevin) are staying with Andrea’s parents for a while, so Tob has lots of attention and at least three walks a day. She and baby Trevor are getting along, and should continue to do so as long as Trevor thinks getting hit in the face by a tail is hilarious.

We are so thankful to the Bockelmans (and their extended family) for taking in our old girl. (Some people have asked if we’re going to take Toblerone back after she’s become accustomed to Bockel-life. You mean, take the away the only dog Trevor has ever known? The answer: Yes!) We miss her, and apparently she’s been observed missing us too. We better have a darn good time in Ireland, that’s all I’m saying.

Toblerone, we did not sell your chair.

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