We held our garage sale yesterday. 8:00am to 2:00pm. Well, make that 7:30am. People started lining up at 7:00am! I sold a couple things as I was pulling stuff out of the backyard, and then Sharon shooed the people out of the garage. We opened officially at 7:30, and traffic was steady for the next four hours. As far as we know, everyone who came found out about it from our signs. No one said they read about it on craigslist. Sharon put a lot of effort into the signs, and they looked great, so she was pleased.

We did about as well as one can from a garage sale. It’s nearly impossible to collect the fair market value. People would ask the price of some little thing, and on hearing it was a quarter put it down! What, that candle isn’t even worth a quarter?!? Even so, we sold a lot of stuff, although what we have left looks like what would normally comprise a garage sale. It was a bit creepy seeing all the stuff laid out in our living room and kitchen (we held the sale indoors). “All this stuff was in our house? Living with us? Watching us? *shudder*” Good riddance.

Also, we sold our older car to the younger daughter of a family at church. Leah paid us cash from her job at Ikea. I bought a car stereo from my first job, and Leah buys a whole car. Kids these days.

We leave in less than two weeks. There is still a ton of stuff to do. Pray for us. Please.

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